Owning a Computers Plus store isn't just about fixing consumer electronics - it's about serving communities. We opened our first store in Kennesaw, Georgia in 2011 and we're still a family-owned business serving communities in Acworth Woodstock, Kennesaw, Cartersville and Marietta. Keeping it close to home ensures each Customer gets hands-on support.

We're always on the lookout for great people to become part of our family and grow Computers Plus+ USA brand presence in the areas that we know will best serve the market demand. If you're interested, we encourage you to learn more about our process and how we support franchises.

We are actively seeking Franchisee candidates in Georgia, Florida, Alabama North & South Carolina, Tennessee & Kentucky. Computers Plus key secrets ensure that your investment in operating a computer repair franchise will be successful and your growth is unlimited. Computer Repair. Cell phone repair franchise are great models but they do lack some key features that are important to the repair industry. We have study the moving market and we continue to gain more success year by year. Currently our Franchise fee is below current market. Most fees are 40-60,000 that doesn’t included build out, security deposit etc.. Computers Plus believes in making every Franchise a winner thus why we are more focus on building your business by reducing unnecessary fees that only amount to restricting your success. Contact us today and we will personally meet with you and discuss our process.

Terrance Thompson

Lets talk about how the average person is reliant on their personal technology? Whether its laptops, Custom Gaming computers, traditional desktops computers, apple devices or smart-phones the average person spends dedicated hours logged in and online with some sort of device—quite frankly multiple devices. Computes Plus tech experts solve the end user problems when something stops working, software gets corrupted, Screens get cracked, Small business needs support or an upgrade is needed.

What is Computers Plus USA? It is a retail and repair store that buys, sells, trades and repairs laptops, tablets, and smart phones of all varieties—from Apple products to Windows and Android. We provide quality refurbished certified laptops and computers, new Custom Build computers, and other personal smart devices.  Additionally, the service and repair aspect of the business model comprises approximately 60% of average store sales.

Refurbished retail inventory is acquired on an ongoing basis from our customers selling their gently used or no longer needed electronics to Computers Plus USA for CASH On-the-Spot. We also utilize a network of brokers who acquire product off-lease from various companies or outsource overstock items from clearance houses. Our refurbished inventory is typically sold between 25% and 50% below current or original retail pricing. Plus, Computers Plus offers all of the common accessories you would expect to see for laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smart-phones and more.

At every Computers Plus store, customers will find a clean, open layout, a great product selection and a friendly, professional staff that provides excellent customer service.

So Why Electronics?

The electronics industry is growing exponentially. Custom gaming PC’s tablets, smart phone, laptops and traditional desktops sales continue to grow and will always need to be repaired.

Computers Plus operates in a unique, low-competition space within the electronics industry. Big retailers selling new devices are always cutting margins to the bare minimum just to compete; Computers Plus offers used and certified devices at a great price with naturally high profit margins. Customers appreciate the high value that Computers Plus USA offers with the continue device support if things happen to fail. Computers Plus covers computer recycling support for its customers or businesses which results in the device being repaired and sold or recycled environmentally for a profit.

Customers also count on Computers Plus USA for the hardware, new smart technology and accessories with the repair service know-how to keep them connected and operating in their digital world. This provides one-stop for all things tech shopping for customers and higher sales numbers for storeowners.


Computers Plus USA comes with a proven successful business model with an developed a clear path that will help you to avoid years of trial and error, reduce costly mistakes, shorten your learning curve and, ultimately, reach your goals sooner. The following are key benefits that come along with a Computers Plus USA franchise:

  • Business Planning - We’ll work with you to develop a plan that can be used as the financial and operational guide for your store during the critical start-up phase of your business.
  • Training - We conduct three separate, comprehensive training programs that provide our new owners with both pre-opening and post-opening classes and hands-on experience.
  • Store Location Assistance - Computers Plus USA has adopted a standardized real estate process that has a clearly defined all-in-one strategy for site selection, lease negotiation and legal review.
  • Store Opening Assistance - We have proven vendors already in place to get the best pricing and service on everything needed for store build out: fixtures, equipment, interior/exterior signage, point-of-sale system and more.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) System - The unique software that runs POS system was specifically crafted and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the electronics resale business.
  • Regional Operations Manager (ROM) - Our Regional Operations Managers (ROM) serve as small business consultants for our franchisees. They are responsible for ensuring success in all areas of the resale operation, including financial performance, merchandising and customer service.
  • Marketing - Before a store even opens, we help to create excitement about Computers Plus USA From to local levels. We provide marketing support to all stores.
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